SPList Export for SharePoint 2010 (SPListX

SPList Export for SharePoint 2010 (SPListX 4.1

It is a powerful application to export document / picture library contents
4.1.1 (See all)

SPList Export for SharePoint 2010 (SPListX) is a powerful application to export document / picture library contents and associated metadata and list items, including associated file attachments to the Windows File System.

SPListX software exports SharePoint libraries, folders, documents, list items, version histories and metadata to the desired destination folder location in the File System.

SPListX supports all versions of SharePoint 2010 / 2007 / 2003 in a single product. SPListX works with Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003, and Windows SharePoint Services 2.0 environments.

Main features:
-Export SharePoint Lists with their associated metadata, list items and file attachments from multiple SharePoint lists.

-Apply complex export conditions to exports list items / documents / pictures based on user-defined data filter conditions constructed using SharePoint columns.

-Automate export tasks to perform synchronization and backup to file systems.

-Retain original date fields and author fields of documents after export.

-Export list items or documents and associated metadata using search terms (keywords or advanced search) in the site collection or entire farm, similar to the search feature in SharePoint

-Keywords and advanced search options in the application user interface with an option to verify search results within SPListX

-Support for Forms Authentication to connect and export contents from hosted or external-facing SharePoint sites

-Support for Fully Qualified Domain Name format

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